Pakistan is a land of many splendors. The country boasts sandy coastline beaches in the south, to sandy deserts, to Balochistan plateaus in the west, and fertile Indus plains in the east. The northern uplands converge with beautiful snow covered mountain peaks and valleys. Pakistan’s eternal glaciers sit on top of second highest mountain in the world, 8,611 m high. 


Pakistan’s wide range of attractions, places to tour, and sites to explore provide adventures and memories to last a life time. Visit the many historical sites, with structures and building architecture that display Pakistan’s cultural diversity. Magnificent clay tiles with hand painted designs, and hand hewn stone and wood carvings abound. Visit museums and ancient ruins like Harappa, the second oldest ruin in the world and other significant ruins such as Moenjo-daro, and Texila.Pakistan's diverse culture, languages, landscape, vegetation, climate, and animal varieties are vast. Pakistan dates back at least 5000 years having one of the world’s oldest civilizations.
With its welcoming and friendly people, breathtaking mountains, historical places, scenic attractions and eastern culture, Pakistan is your holiday destination like no other.Let's Discover Pakistan Through KTP.