Gashebrum I(8068-M)

(Hidden Peak) or K5, is the 11th highest peak on Earth, located on the Pakistani Chinese border in Gilgit–Baltistan region of Pakistan and Xinjiang region of China. Gasherbrum I was designated K5 (meaning the 5th peak of the Karakoram) by T.G. Montgomerie in 1856 when he first spotted the peaks of the Karakoram from more than 200 km away during the Great Trigonometric Survey of India. In 1892, William Martin Conway provided the alternate name, Hidden Peak, in reference to its extreme remoteness. It is more technical and challenges than Gasherbrum II and Broad Peak.
The base camp and the camp 1 are shared with the Gasherbrum II, the Camp 2 is at 6 250 m (21,150ft) and the Camp 3 at 7 200 m (23,625ft).
For the climb used was as first route of G-I (Hidden Peak) had been closed since 1980s because of the Siachen conflict. Now it’s use usually being climbed from its most prominent route from the plateau on Gasherbrum Glacier.
The Most popular route in the years has been the Gasherbrum La up to the Japanese Culvert or the routes along the north ridge.
The other substitute route is the west ridge, which is technically less demanding but takes bit longer time due to the long Hight between Camp I and the summit. First Ascent: The Americans were the first to reach in the Autumn of 1958,and was first climbed by A. Kaufman and P. Schoening along with 08 members in 1958.Besides the French had tried an unsuccessful attempt as early in 1956.


Name of Peak: Gasherbrum-1 or Hidden Peak, K5 Elevation: 8068-M (26,509 ft)
Ranked:       11th 3rd in Pakistan Location: Karakoram-Baltoro Skardu
LatitudeBest Period:         10 June – 15 August Base Camp height: 5100m
Latitude         35° - 43 N Longitude: 76° - 42 E
Durations 50 Days  First Ascent:  July 5, 1958


Days Program Time Hight Over Night
1 Islamabad: Briefing  in Alpine Club of Pakistan    500-M Hotel
2 Flight to Skardu or Drive to Chilas  by  KKH 12-13hrs 1200-M Hotel
3 Drive From Chilas to Skardu 8-9hrs 2450-M Hotel
4 Drive to Askoli 6-7hrs 3000-M Camp
5 Trek to Jhola 5-6hrs 3200-M Camp
6 Trek to Paiyu 6-7 hrs 3450m Camp
7 Free and acclimatation day at  Paiyu     Camp
8 Trek to Urdukas 8-9 hrs 4050m Camp
9 Trek to Goro-II (5-6hrs) 4086m Camp
10 Trek to Concordia 4-5hrs 4710m Camp
11 Trek to Gasherbrum base 7-8 hrs 5100-M camp
12-42 30 days for climbing     Camp
43-48 Trek down to Askoli or Hushe via Gondogoro La Pass     Camp
49 Drive to Skardu 6-7hrs   Hotel
48 Flight to Islamabad,Subjet to weather Drive to Chilas 8-9 hrs  1200-M Hotel
49 Drive Chilas to Islamabad 12-13hrs 500-M Hotel
50   Onward to your own destinations