Charakusa valley (5655,5520,5490-M)

Much of mountaineer climb on the giant of Baltoro whereas not far, the superb valley of Charakusa, Kharidas, Nangma, Humbroq and is growing by isolated towers and superb granite spires which remain out of the world.

In the north east of Hushe possesses some of the best rock climbing peaks in the world.
The Fati peak, Neza peak and Farhat peak presents unique climbing opportunities for rock enthusiasts. The valley is located at a Hight of two days by foot journey from Hushe valley. There are several other spectacular granite walls and spires at the eastern end of the Charakusa Glacier, some of were ever climb but many are waiting first climbers. Choice of climbs is incredible, the pretty mountainous area, delicious camping sites and the very welcome people policy make it a perfect climbing site for holidays.


Name Of Peak: Fati peak, Neza peak and Farhat peak Elevation: 5655,5520,5490-M
Range:       Karakoram Location: Hushe / Baltistan
Best Period:  June – September Base Camp height 3650-M
Ideal Duration: 30 First Ascent Nill
Camp required 02 Zone Type open


Day Program Time Hight Over Night 
1 Welcome to Pakistan (Islamabad ) Shifted To     500-M Hotel
2 Fly to Skardu ,subject to weather ,Drive to   Chilas 12- 13hrs      1200-M Hotel
3 Drive from Chilas to Skardu    8-9hrs   2450-M Hotel
4 Drive  from Skardu  to  Hushe  village       5-6 hrs 3050m Camp
5 Trek to Shaicho            3-4hrs 3300-M   Camp
6 Trek  to Spangser       3-4-6.hrs 3500-M Camp
7-25 Trek to Base Camp   /Acclimations/Climbing 3-4hrs 4000-M Camp
26 Trek back to Hushe   6-7hrs   3030-M Camp
27 Drive to Skardu by jeep     5-6hrs  2450-M Hotel
28 Fly to Islamabad ,subject to weather, Drive to chilas 8-9hrs  1200-M Hotel
29 Drive from Chilas to Islamabad    12-13hrs   500-M Hotel
30 Onward to your own Destinations.