Amin Braq and Amin Nawaz (5850-M,5750-M)

Nangma Valley is world-renowned and one of the best rock climbing playground in the range of Karakoram, Baltistan, Pakistan.The peaks named by the Spanish expedetion in 1995 behalf their respective cooks son’s Amin for(1995) and Nawaz for the British (1998). Amin Brakk is one of the most spectacular and popular of the of  the world.

The peak is most difficult  too as campare of  Trango Towers), generally quoted as 5,850m but thought possibly higher.In 1996, the very experienced Spanish big wall climber, Jon Lazkano, together with Adolfo Madinabeitia and Jose Carlos Tamayo made a capsule style attempt on the 1,200m granite face of unclimbed Amin Brakk (c5,750m).

After 15 days on the wall the trio were forced to give up around 300m below the top, worn down by bad weather, cold temperatures that caused minor frostnip, and lack of food. They estimated another three to four days of good climbable weather would be needed in order to reach the summit. Amin  Nawaz  history same as Amin Braq for the British.Generally quoted as 5,700m but thought possibly higher, the nawaz Brakk first saw the wall by Lazkano during a visit the previous year, when he attempted a line on the adjacent North West Face of Nawaz Brakk during possibly the first serious climbing expedition to this hidden glacier basin.Incidentally, both teams named the twins peaks after their respective cooks; Amin for the Spanish and Nawaz for the British.


Name of Peak: Amin Braq/Amin Nawaz Elevation: 5850-m,5750-m
Range:       Karakoram Location: Kanday/ Baltistan
Best Period:  June – September Base Camp height 4300-M
Latitude:           35°– 16>N/>35°– 14N Longitude: 76° – 25 E/76°-07e
Ideal Duration: 35days First Ascent 1995,1998
Camp required 2-3

Zone Type



Day Program Time Hight Over Night 
1 Welcome to Pakistan (Islamabad)     500-M Hotel
2 Flight  to Skardu subject to weather ,Drive  to Chilas     12-13hrs  1200-M Hotel
3 Drive from Chilas to Skardu 8-9hrs  2450-M Hotel
4 Free day/Prepration/sight seeing      Hotel
5 Drive to Kanday by Jeep      5-6hrs    2850-M Camp
6 Trek  to Minguloo Broq       3-4hrs   3250-M  Camp
7 Trek to Base  Camp           4-5hrs  4200-M Camp 
  8-30 Acclimatation/Climbing Day          Camp    
 31 Trek back to  Kanday          5-6hrs 2850-M Camp     
32 Drive to Skardu         5-6hrs 2450-M Hotel
33 Flight to Islamabad ,subject to weather  Drive to Chils  8-9hrs 1200-M Hotel   
34 Drive from Chilas to Islamabad       12-13hrs  500-M   Hotel  
35   Onward to your own Distinations