Chogo Lisa (7665-M)

Chogho Lisa is the 36 highest peaks among 7000 in the region of Karakoram.It lies near the Baltoro Glacier in the Concordia region which is home to some of the highest peaks of the world. Its four ridges, of which three have been been climbed, culminate in the form of two summits. The peak is highly exposed to winds with deep snow. Chogolisa has several peaks, the highest on the south face (Chogolisa I) rises to 7,665 meters (25,148 ft). The second highest at 7,654 meters on the NE side (Chogolisa II) is the one named Bride Peak by Martin Conway in 1892.
In 1909, a party led by Duke of the Abruzzi reached 7,498 m (24,600 ft) from a base camp located on the northern side and a high camp on the Chogolisa saddle at 6,335m. Bad weather stopped the party from ascending further, but their climb established a world altitude record.
Here is tragedy as the Legend of (Nanga Parbat) Harman Bhul (Austria) has slipped due to descending from summit.It was first made success by Austrian on August 2, 1975 including Fred Press and Gustav Ammerer led by Eduard Koblmuller. At that moment Koblmuller almost suffered the same fate as Buhl, as he also fell through a cornice on the ascent; luckily, he was roped and team members were able to pull him to safety. Chogolisa is one of the impressive and elegant peaks in the Karakoram.


Name of Peak:

Chogho Lisa


7665-M (25,1448 ft)


36 of the world


Karakoram-Baltoro Skardu

Best Period:

15 June – 25 August

Base Camp height


Latitude         35° - 51 N Longitude: 76° - 45E

Ideal Duration:

45 days

 First Accent

July 1975


Days Program Time Hight Over Night
Day-01   Welcom to Pakistan (Islamabad)   500-M Hotel
Day-02 Flight to Skardu Subject to weather12 Drive to Chilas     12-13 hrs  1200-M Hotel.
Day-03 Drive from Chilas to Skardu. 8-9hrs 2450-M Hotel.
Day-04 Drive to Askoli 6-7hrs 3000-M Camp
Day-05 Trek to Jhola 5-6hrs 3200-M Camp
Day-06 Trek to Paju 6-7 hrs 3450-M Camp
Day-07 Rest day at  Paju     Camp
Day-08 Trek to Urdukas 8-9 hrs 4050m Camp
Day-09 Trek to Goro-II (5-6hrs) 4086m Camp
Day-10 Trek to Concordia 4-5hrs 4710m Camp
Day-11 Trek to Chogo Lisa  base 4-5 hrs 5000-M Camp
Day-12/37 Climbing Days 4-5 hrs   Camp
Day-38/42  Trek Down to Askoli or Hushe via Gondogoro Laa   5650-M Camp
Day-43 Flight to Islamabad,Subject to weather Drive to Chilas 9-10 hrs 1200-M Hotel
Day-44 Drive from Chials to Islamabad         8-9hrs 12-13hrs Hotel.
Day-45 Onward to your own Distinations 12-13hrs   Hotel