Biafo Hisper Trek ( 5000-M)

Trip Summary:

Trip Name: Biafo Hisper Trek Altitute: 5000-M
Range:       Karakoram Location: Baltoro Baltistan
Ideal Time: September Durations: 22  Days
Hotel Night: 07 Camping Night: 14
Trip Type Streanus Zone type: Open

Biafo Glacier 68km on the Karakorum Range, south of Baltoro glacier leads to Hisper glacier, which is strenuous trek for strong trekkers, which crosses peaks in the range of 5500m to 7300 meters. The famous snow lake is lying on 500 meters behind the pass, the best place for skiers. And small peak climbers, after crossing Hisper Laa 5151m, getting on the other side of Hisper glacier. Which gives a beautiful spectacular view of Mountains etc. We cross the summer pastures and we get in to Hisper village; from there we meet the Jeeps- drive to, Karimabad Hotel.


Trip Itinerary:

Day Program Time Hight Over Night
1 Welcome to Pakistan (Islamabad over night   500-M Hotel  
2 Flight to Skardu,Subject to wearher drive to Chilas ,                              12-13hrs 1200-M  Hotel 
3 Drive Chilas to Skardu                   8-9hrs 2450-M  Hotel 
4 Drive Skardu to Askoli                                                 6-7hrs 3000m Camp
5 Trek Askoli  to Numla        6-7hrs 3350-M Camp
6  Trek Numla to Manogo        4-5hrs 3500-M Camp
7 Trek Manogo to Baintha 6-7hrs 3700-M Camp
8 Rest day day in Baintha               Camp
9 Trek Baintha to Napina         5-6hrs 3900-M Camp
10 Trek Napina to Snow Lake Hisper Base camp 4-5hrs 4500-M Camp
11 Today we trek to  Hisper Laa over night BC       5150m. Camp
12 Rest  day at Hisper BC         Camp
13 Trek Hisper to Khani Bassa, via Hisper Laa             7-8hrs  5151m Camp
14 Trek Khani Bassa to Yutmaru Glacier 4-5 hrs 4500-M Camp
15 Trek Yutmaru to Marpo                                6-7 hrs 400-M Camp
16 Trek Marpo to Bitanmal                            6-7hrs  3600-M Camp
17 Trek Bitanmal to Hisper village                5-6hrs  3100-M Camp
18 Drive Hisper village to Karimabad by toyota jeeps      2300-M Hotel
19 Restday day in Karimabad                   Hotel
20 Drive Karim abad to Besham   10-11hrs   1000-M Hotel
21 Drive Besham to Islamabad 6-7hrs    Hotel
22 Onward to your destination