Gashabrum II (8035-M)

Gashabrum II(K4) also known as the shining wall in the Karakoram Range located in the upper Baltoro region bordering China and the north face assessable from China. It ‘s  13th-highest peak of  the world and  secound-highest member  among the Gasherbrum group .
There are six peaks in the cluster Gasherbrum:  This peaks  is generally considered the easiest of the eight thousand meter peaks .
The  peak  was first climbed  by Austrian expedition in  1956,including the  members like, Fritz Moravec, Josef Larch, and Hans Willen part of an Austrian expedition.


Name of Peak: Gasherbrum-II/ K4 Elevation: 8035-M (26,362 ft)
Ranked:       13th of the world and 5th  in Pakistan) Location: Karakoram-Baltoro Baltistan
Best Period: 15 June – 08 August Base Camp height 4880-M
Latitude          35° - 45 N Longitude: 76° - 39 E
Duration: 50 days First Ascent

July  1954  




Days Program Time Hight Over Night 

Welcome to Pakistan (Islamabad)

  500-M Hotel

Flight  to Skardu Subject to weather Drive to Chilas             

11-12hrs 1200-M Hotel
3 Drive from Chilas Skardu 8-9hrs 2450-M Hotel


4 Free Day/Prepration Day     Hotel
5 Drive to Askoli by Jeep 7-8hrs 3050-M Camp


6 Trek to Jula 5-6 hrs 3200-M Camp


7 Trek to Paju  7-8hrs 3350-M Camp


8 Free Day/Acclimataion Day     Camp


9 Trek to Urdokus 9-10 hrs 4050-M Camp
10 Trek to Goro II   4-5hrs 4485-M Camp


11 Trek to Shama   7-8 hrs 5850-M Camp


12-  Trek to Gashabrum Base Camp


3-4hrs 5100-M Camp


13-41 28 Days for Climbing        Camp


42-46 Trek down to Hushe or Askoli  6-7hrs 3050-M Camp

 Drive to Skardu by Jeep

6-7hrs 2450-M Hotel
48 Flight to Islamabad,subject to weather Drive to Chilas  9-10 hrs 1200-M Hotel



Dive to Chilas to Islamabad 

Onward to your own Distinations

12-13hrs   Hotel