The heaven of Rock climbing (5850-m,5750-m,)

( KTP) has designed the special program of rock climbing well wisher  choose as ‘’NANGMA VALLY’’known as the   pradise of rock climbing.The valley is offer wide range rock  climb ,whether,there are many specticular mounatain  to climb as your choice,while the monumental peaks like K2, Broad Peak and Gashebrums situated deep in Karakoram are the principal allure for alpinists all around the globe, a vale 30km southwards from Concordia is considered to be the dreamland of rock climbers.


Nangma Valley stretches eastwards from the village of Kandey - located midway between Khaplu and Hushe. Apart from magnificent K6 and Drefekal, Nangma Valley is surrounded by several granite walls; Changi Tower, Amin Brakk, Nawaz Brakk, Ibrahim Brakk, Green Tower and Denbor Brakk are a few to name here.
These spectacular rock walls rise 5000m to 6000m above sea level and present various difficulty levels. Amongst the crowd of rock towers, Amin Brakk (5850m) is considered to be the most famous and technically challenging; therefore attracts several climbers every year.So let’s try to fullfill to your dreams here.


Name of Peak:

Amin Braq/Great Tower/Changi Tower/Braq Zang Zang






Kanday/ Baltistan

Best Period:

 June – September

Base Camp height


Ideal Duration:


First Ascent


Camp required


Zone Type



Day Program       time distance  
1 Welcome to Pakistan (Islamabad overnight        Hotel
2 Fly to Skardu subject to weather ,Drive  to Chilas       12-13hrs                Hotel
3 Drive from Chilas to Skardu    8-9hrs    Hotel
4 Free day/Prepration/sight seeing    2800-M  Hotel
5 Drive to Kanday           5/6hrs      Camp
6 Trek  to Minguloo Broq       3-4hrs   3250-m  Camp
7 Trek to Base  Camp           4-5hrs  4200-m Camp 
  8-30 Acclimatation/Climbing Day          Camp    
 31 Trek back to  Kanday           5-6hrs 3150-m Camp     
32 Drive to Skardu                         5-6hrs   Hotel
33 Fly to Islamabad ,subject to weather  Drive to Chils   8-9hrs   Hotel   
34 Drive from Chilas to Islamabad       12-13hrs    Hotel  
35 Onward to your own Distinations